Would you view yourself differently? 

Everyone gets angry. It is a very common emotion. But anger does not have to be a destructive force in your life. It could actually provide a roadmap to "why" you get so angry and "how" to manage it. If you have ever struggled with intense and unwanted feelings of anger, this will be the course for you.

Whether you tend to suppress your anger and resentment OR you find it difficult to remain calm, THIS COURSE WILL HELP!

So ask yourself: Do you want to learn how to identify your anger triggers and learn to self-regulate?

Well, this is your opportunity!

What's Behind Your Anger?

In this course, you will learn how to identify the four main components that function under the surface of anger. Keep your journal close as we explore your feelings and discover new ways to use anger as a tool to navigate your life and rebuild relationships.

What’s Behind Your Anger is an interactive course that will require you to take an active role in exploring your thoughts and feelings to heal.

But don’t worry. We’re in this together. There will be quizzes to guide you and audio to support you.

Let’s explore together.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a better way of doing things? Are you ready to feel better about your choices and reactivity to life and others?

If your answer is "Yes!" You are in the right place!

Here's what to expect when taking this course:

  • LEARN ~ You will learn about the four main components which function under the surface of anger.
  • IDENTIFY ~ You will learn how to identify these components within you.
  • ACT ~ You will learn how to manage and self-regulate when any of these areas are activated within you.